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About Us

Siddhi Philanthropic Foundation is a social impact non-profit established to serve the society. The ideology behind Siddhi seeds from the belief of Selfless Service', a practice that is seldom observed in the present times. Siddhi with its volunteers and supporters aims to serve the community selflessly to bring about transformation needed to establish a more progressive, resilient and inclusive society.


With a vision to create sustainable long term solutions for the issues the society faces, Siddhi works with a multi pronged approach towards eradication of hunger and poverty, education for underprivileged communities, skill development and employment opportunities.


Siddhi runs effective awareness programs to help tackle the emerging challenges among the underprivileged and vulnerable communities. Siddhi's strategy for 2022-2025 aims at involving the youth of the country to collaborate and work towards the shared goal of a progressive and inclusive society.

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